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Together we can make an effective commitment to shaping a world without poverty and conflict, where challenges are solved with locally driven solutions. Our work is guided by three key actions: BUILDING local and renewable energy sources, ADAPTING to climate change challenges and HEALING psychological and social vulnerabilities to support individuals living in resilient communities. You can support our work by contributing to an action that best aligns with your companies aim and priorities.
BUILDING sustainable energy sources addresses immediate humanitarian needs where communities face energy poverty, as well longer-term developmental challenges faced by vulnerable communities. Enabling the operation of enterprises such as charging stations, small-scale manufacturing, and other income-generating activities, sustainable energy sources foster economic independence and resilience. However, as with any business idea, it's crucial to collaborate with relevant authorities and local stakeholders, and to adapt to the needs of the local citizens to ensure the project aligns with the specific needs and regulations of the location. By emphasising community empowerment and incorporating training components into business models for sustainable energy, solutions have a long-term, positive impact on the community.
ADAPTING The world's most vulnerable, impoverished and marginalized communities are the most severely affected by climate change. Adaptation approaches based on local knowledge and coping strategies, where communities are empowered to make their own decisions, are increasingly shown to be more effective than relying on top-down initiatives directed from policy makers and international actors. We approach climate change adaptation as a community-led process, based on the needs, knowledge and skills of the community at risk. Often just one of many environmental, social and economic problems faced by communities in their daily lives, adaptation to climate change must vary according to context. Factors such as unemployment, high food and commodity prices, and lack of health care and opportunities for education shape the priorities and capacity of local communities. Our initiatives seek to respond and adjust to local conditions to achieve positive synergies as we respond to a changing climate.
HEALING One in four people will struggle with mental health problems at some point in their lives, and when life is characterized by conflict or poverty, the likelihood of this is even greater. Despite the need for treatment in these situations, resources are often scarce. Limited strategies, infrastructure, services and funding mean that the most disadvantaged communities with the greatest need have the fewest resources. Our aim is to facilitate mental health support to individuals and communities in contexts where community resources and mental health services are needed but not widely available. We aim to integrate creativity, connection and shared experiences into our mental health initiatives. Using arts, culture, nature and crafts as tools allows for an alternative and creative response to psychosocial issues by facilitating opportunities for reflection and problem solving. It is important for us to operate from a strength-based perspective and emphasize the existing resources in the individual and in the community.

What will our cooperation look like?

With a corporate donation, employee campaign, charity product or charitable project, you can play a role in shaping a vibrant, healthy and sustainable future, for people and our environment. Together, we will develop your company's CSR commitment in line with your capacity and our expertise.  We at Hudara are grateful to work with partners who share our values, goals and sense of social and environmental responsibility.
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