There are many ways to define migration and several opposing axes that intersect with this vital drive. Whether it is forced or voluntary, whether it is practiced within groups or individually, migration remains one of the world's most natural and global activities, just like birds, fish and all other animals, humans strive for a fulfilling life, a fulfilling future and dreams, countless dreams.

Author: Farah Barakat


Hudara, in collaboration with artistic photographer Sofia Simonova, videographer Alexandr Ivankov and Oud master Nasser Kilada, announces the opening of the collaborative exhibition Border(s), to be held on February 18th and 19th, 2022 in “Gelegenheiten”, Berlin. The project will be designed and organized exclusively by people with a migration background. The exhibition will focus on their thoughts, faces and dreams during their migration journey, how these relate to their mental health and well-being, as well as their approach with different borders that they encountered and crossed – not only geographically, but also emotionally, mentally and physically.

On display will be portraits of ten different migrants and their stories from different parts of the map, as well as the first official screening of “Crossing the Border(s),” a short documentary that includes the behind-the-scenes experiences of the network and the fruitful discussions that took place in creating the exhibit. The first opening night will also feature a small panel discussion with event participants, accompanied by oud music. Visitors are invited to share their thoughts and reflect on the impact of migration on mental health and healing, as well as the role of power dynamics, ethnicity, nationality, gender, and class in migration in Germany.


Address: “Gelegenheiten”, 50 Weser Strasse, 12045 Berlin

Entrance: free

Ps: The event will be held under 2G+ regulations, max. capacity of 50 people

Further details in the Facebook invite in this link