In recent decades, Germany has welcomed many people from all over the world. More than 13 million of the people living in Germany have immigrated from other countries, and more than 22 million have a migration background (Federal Statistical Office, 2022). Migration is not always voluntary: people are often compelled to migrate due to conflict,... View Article
Local communities install a renewable energy system and build knowledge that helps to develop models of integrated municipal energy systems that can also be used for community-based energy transformation in other geographical contexts.
Negative consequences of climate change are hardly more evident in any region than in Bangladesh's coastal strip. Natural disasters such as cyclones, floods, salinization of the coastland and droughts make the already harsh conditions through population density and low economic prosperity more difficult.
The Dawodia refugee camp is located in Dohuk governorate in the northwest of Iraq and part of the Kurdistan region. It is home to 3,828 Yezidis, Christians and Muslims. There is a great need for psychosocial (PS) services among the children and young people, as they have very often experienced war-related violence and loss and live continuously under refugee conditions and in an atmosphere of instability. When working with young people in Dawodia, it is important to understand mental health and well-being as the basis of social cohesion and peace. Psychosocial problems can lead to further damage the community relations and increase interpersonal conflict - especially in a context of ethnic and religious diversity such as Dawodia.