This is a bike community on Mayotte in our MAESHA project. While our actions are wide-ranging when it comes to where we implement change, or through what means, at the heart of our approach to each of our projects is community. We view community members as key actors in developing meaningful and effective ways of coping with the difficulties that we aim to improve. Read about our different new and ongoing projects, and see how we centre community throughout our work.
Josephine Mwasaru, Hudara
For many people, interacting with nature is a tourist and adventurous experience, but for those with whom I share a similar background, it is a way of life and a means of livelihood. Growing up in my neighbourhood in a remote area in Kenya, I experienced the challenges of human-wildlife conflict and the depletion of the natural resources we depended on for survival. We lost our nearest source of water, the rains subsided, resulting in low or no harvests. Drought became rampant and wildlife often moved into areas of human habitat in search of food and water, leading to human-wildlife conflict. As a young girl, I never understood what was happening to our beautiful environment and why children had to skip school to get water for the household.
Clara Tatlow-Devally
As summer arrives in Berlin, and the city begins to open to sunlight, warmth and long days, we at Hudara are ready to appreciate the outdoor spaces that the city has to offer. With access to parks like Templehoffer Feld, Tiergarten and Gleisdreieck, nature plays an undeniable role in life in Berlin. But how connected to the natural environment do we really feel? In a busy city, full of energy and excitement, and during a climate crisis, it can be difficult to slow down and connect with nature in a way that feels meaningful. Our Summer event brings together themes of mindfulness, creativity and nature, inviting you to slow down and reconnect to your natural environment.
Anne van Leeuwen, Hudara
While poverty, a long history of oppression, inequality, power struggles, greed of military leaders and poor governance are the main causes of conflict in Sudan, and the mechanisms of the longstanding crisis in Darfur are also lingering, there is in addition an environmental dimension to the war that should not be forgotten. Although the link between climate change and conflict in the current crisis in Sudan is small compared to the main causes, the situation will further weaken particularly vulnerable communities in the country's periphery, making it difficult for them to adapt to the changing landscape and continue environmentally sensitive economic activities in a harsh climate.
Lena Schmid, Hudara
Textile-art-therapeutic work in our Hekayat and the Rawabet project in Nineveh, Iraq A few months ago, we completed our Hekayat project (حكايات Arabic: stories, narratives) in Al Shekan in Iraq, in which women received psychological support that included a textile therapy component followed by community dialogue. Participation in the textile art therapy groups supported members... View Article
Anne van Leeuwen, Operations Coordinator
It should have been a positive signal that this year's COP finally took place in the Global South again. However, the Egyptian regime, guilty of ruthless attacks on both its citizens and its natural environment, used the conference as a massive greenwashing PR and business event. 
Farah Barakat, Hudara
"There is no fight over just one issue, because we don't live in just one issue," said Audre Lord. And this is more relevant than ever with regard to the problem of climate change. An intersectional approach to climate action will chart a way forward that enables solidarity and agency across social categories.
Boris Heinz, Hudara
I grew up with nature close by and appreciate the impact it has on us humans and our well-being in so many ways. There are various good memories of working in the woods with my grandfather, a forest worker, of playing in the meadow with my brother and the boys from the neighborhood. The nearby lake was a popular spot to cool off in summer, while in winter we enjoyed playing ice hockey on its frozen surface. Now the lake hasn't really frozen for many winters. It was cold enough for a too short time and many temperature fluctuations took place as well.
Farah Barakat, Hudara
There are many ways to define migration and several opposing axes that intersect with this vital drive. Whether it is forced or voluntary, whether it is practiced within groups or individually, migration remains one of the world's most natural and global activities, just like birds, fish and all other animals, humans strive for a fulfilling life, a fulfilling future and dreams, countless dreams.
Farah Barakat, Hudara
For many years, the women's movement was hijacked by white feminists from the global North who imposed methods of resistance to other women around the world, who did not necessarily have the same problems and didn't share the same strive for the same liberation causes. At Hudara, we encourage a culturally sensitive approach to feminism that allows for the recognition that socially, economically, politically, and historically diverse contexts can lead to very different questions, needs, and solutions. However, how specific and diverse women's struggles may be, all of these movements are united by the common goal of freedom and self-determination.